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7. Oktober 2009 / Eingestellt von thw um 15:54 /

My work has the appearance it has, wrongly called 'objective' and 'impersonal,' because my first and largest interest is in my relation to the natural world, all of it, all the way out. This interest includes my existence, a keen interest, the existence of everything and the space and time that is created by the existing things. Art emulates this creation or definition by also creating, on a small scale, space and time.

spacerDonald Judd

The Chinati Foundation invites you to a special weekend
dedicated to the re-opening of Donald Judd's freestanding works in concrete

October 9 - 11, 2009
Marfa, Texas

The Chinati Foundation is pleased to announce the re-opening of Donald Judd's Freestanding Works in Concrete, accompanied by exhibitions of drawings by Judd and a selection of his horizontal wall works ("progressions"), opening on Saturday, October 10, 2009. The concrete works, Judd's largest and most ambitious outdoor project, have received an extensive conservation treatment over the past two years. To mark the occasion, Chinati is hosting a weekend featuring a series of talks on these works and their conservation treatment; an exhibition of seldom-displayed Judd works from the museum's permanent collection; a two-part exhibition by Chinati Artist in Residence Alex Schweder; and a free concert Saturday night by Dan Deacon.

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