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frage ich mich angesichts dieser Liste, die einem sozusagen das Wasser im Mund zusammen laufen lässt.
Das Xerox Book liegt hier wohl versteckt in irgendeiner Ecke. Mal suchen

ROBERT BARRY (update May 2009)

First Edition by Seth Siegelaub + J. Wendler, New York, 1968. Conceptual Artists’ Book.
28 x 21,5 cm, w. the orig. glassine dustjacket (w. a tiny chip upperspine).
185 sheets, printed recto only w. orig. contributions by Carl Andre, ROBERT BARRY,
Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol Lewitt, Robert Morris, Lawrence Weiner.
Each artist w. 25 pages. Printing by Xerox photocopy (therefore the title)
Reference > Lippard / Six Years, page 64.
Fine condition. Price on request.

BARRY in > Konzeption / Conception. Stadtische Museum Leverkusen, October 1969.
(20 x 21 cm, app. 200 pp.) Org. by Rolf Wedewer + Konrad Fischer.
Introduction by Lewitt Texts in English + German.
ORIGINAL CONTRIBUTIONS by the following Artists: Arnatt, Baldessari, ROBERT BARRY, Baxter, Becher, Bochner,
Boetti, Brouwn (6 pp. Original contribution: b+w photos + page w. conceptual text)Broodthaers, Buren, Calzolari, Darboven,
Dibbets, Gilbert + George, Graham, Huebler, Kosuth, Kawara, Weiner, Smithson, Sandback, Fulton, Ruscha, Baldessari,
amelas, Nauman etc. >>(Reference: Lucy Lippard 'Six Years' p. 119 )
The Contribution by Polke "The Starry Sky.." in his Cat. Rais. of Editions, Multiples + Prints as # 10./
Fine condition > Euro 650,

BARRY in > “July, August, September 1969. "Catalog of the Exhibition "
Card, 4to. 32 pp. Texts Engl. app. 30 b+w photos. A Conceptual Artists' Book publ. by S. Siegelaub.
Artists >>>Andre, Barry, ROBERT BARRY, Dibbets, Huebler, Kosuth, Lewitt, Long, N.E.Thing, Smithson, Weiner.
Fine copy > Euro 220,oo / Another copy (cover w. some browning from light) > Euro 180,oo

BARRY in > ´´Conceptual Art > "One Month". Siegelaub, Seth (organizer) New York, March 1- 31, 1969.
Artist's book. (3) + 31 pages / plates. 1 page/plate a day. Staple bound. 21.6x17.8 cm (staples a bit rusty).
Totally virtual show, in the shape of a calendar. This calendar is the show. 31 artists invited by S. Siegelaub.
Each artist per day, in alphabetical and chronological order. C. Andre, M. Asher, T. Atkinson*, M. Baldwin*, ROBERT BARRY,*
R. Barthelme*, I. Baxter*, J. (L.) Byars*, J. Chamberlain*, R. Cooper*, B. Flanagan*, D. Flavin, A. Hay*, D. Huebler*, R. Huot*,
S. Kaltenbach*, On Kawara, J. Kosuth*, C. Kozlov*, S. Lewitt, R. Long*, R. Morris*, B. Nauman, C. Oldenburg*, D. Oppenheim*,
A. Ruppersberg*, Ed Ruscha, R. Smithson*, de Wain Valentine*, L. Weiner*, I. Wilson*. (*= participating in the publication).
References >Lyons, Arists' Books, p. 94. A. Moeglin-Delcroix, Esthétique du livre d'artiste, p. 142-143.
L'art conceptuel, une perspective, MAMVP, 1990, p. 249. L'art conceptuel I, capc Bordeaux, 1988, p. 131.
This copy is signed by Siegelaub. In fine condition. Euro 950,oo

ROBERT BARRY, "It has no enduring features..." Sperone editore, 1970.
Boards with dust jacket, Artists' Book. 12mo. np, approx 150 pp.
A fine copy. Euro 175,oo

ROBERT BARRY, in "CONCEPT ART", Phaidon-Verlag, Köln, 1971.
Ed. by Klaus Honnef. Card, 4to. 192 pp. Theory and documentation. List of important Concept Art Exhibitions + Events,
an extensive bibliography. Artists were invited to send Original Concept Works to be published in this book for the first and
only time. A collective Artists' Book by Stanley Brouwn, D. Huebler, Buren, Lewitt, ROBERT BARRY, Prini, L. Weiner,
Kosuth, Ian Wilson, On Kawara, Darboven, Gilbert + George, Jan Dibbets (accordeon foldout).
Rare and early European publication. Fine. Euro 220,oo

ROBERT BARRY, " Two Pieces." Torino: Sperone, 1971
Two small books in white cardboard slipcase,
each book printed with phrases in English. White slipcase w. slight shelfwear.
Artists Books, 12mo. np. app. 120 pp. A fine copy. Euro 195,oo

"30 Pieces as of 14 June 1971". Edited by Gerd de Vries in co-operation w. Paul Maenz, Cologne. 1971.
Artist's book. 30 x 21 cm, printed white covers made of glossy stiff cardstock.
Unpaginated. Approx. 60 pp. 30 printed pages, each with the text
" Something which is very near in place and time, but not yet known to me." printed on it.
Each page with a different date, e.g. > "2 Aug. 1969", " 7 July 1970", "11 Feb. 1971" etc. etc.
As per information from the editor only 500 copies of this book were published.
Reference: p. 162 Esthetique du livre d'artiste. Anne Moeglin-Delcroix. Jean-Michel Place / Bibliotheque Nationale de
France, Paris, France. 1997; p. 129 Some places to which we can come Robert Barry works 1963 to 1975.
Kerber Verlag Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany. 2003.
In very very fine condition. Euro 220,oo

ROBERT BARRY, " IT IS.. IT ISN'T... ". Yvon Lambert, Paris,1972
Printed Wrappers. First Edition. Artists' Book. 12mo. np, approx 80pp.
A fine copy. Euro 135,oo

BARRY in > Dokumente zur Aktuellen Kunst 1967 - 1970 : Material aus dem Archiv Szeemann. 1972
Szeemann, Harald, [ Georg Jappe, Aurel Schmidt, Harald Szeeman ] Luzern, Switzerland: Kunstkreis AG, 1972.
Pictorial wrappers 26 x 25 cm.; black-and-white illustr.; A two-volume set of books -
Volume ONE > glue bound with color cover, contains reproductions of materials from the files of Harald Szeemann
[announcement cards, installation photographs, press clippings, correspondence, catalogue excerpts, drawings, etc.] d
ocumenting artists that Szeemann later included in the landmark exhibition "Live in Your Head," and "Documenta 5" such
as Carl Andre, Ronald Bladen, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, Lawrence Weiner,
Claes Oldenburg, Edward Kienholz, Joseph Beuys, Fred Sandback, and others.
Also tracks exhibitions: "Ars Multiplicata," "Prospect 68," "When Attitudes Become Form / Live in Your Head,"
"Op losse Schroeven," and projects by Seth Siegelaub,
John Gibson, Dwan Gallery, and others.
Volume TWO > staple bound and slipped into first volume, contains texts by Szeemann, Georg Jappe, and Aurel Schmidt.
A valuable reference tool. 2 vol. : [unpaginated].
In fine condition. Euro 125,oo

BARRY in > Duration Piece # 8 ( Global) 1970 Part I + II by Douglas Huebler.
/ Canada. Castelli Gallery New York / Galleria Sperone/ Torino / Lithography Workshop,
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design [NSCAD], / Canada. 1973.
Tabloid, 41 x 30 cm, newsprint, loose leaves; 50 pp. + papercovers. Facisimile reproductions in b+w.
An ARTISTS’BOOK w. original contributions by > ROBERT BARRY,
Stanley Brouwn (Project for Greyhound Buses Co.),Douglas Huebler, Eleanor Antin, Calzolari, Salvo, Alighiero Boetti, Hanne Darboven, Tim Zuck, David Askevold, John Goodyear, Lawrence Weiner, Roger Mazurquil, Charles Harper, Saul Ostrow,
David Blume, Les Levine, Jack Burnham, Robert MacDonald, Carolyn Kite, Braco Dimitrijevic, John Pearson, Lucy Lippard, Tadashi Maeyama, Knimsa Kuriyama, Shyoji Kaneko, Kodo Tanaqua, Toshiyuki Sunohara, Hideharu Sato, Jum Mizukami, Hiroshi Kawatsu, Yutaka Matsuzawa, Gerald Ferguson, Boezem, Jan Dibbets, Adrian Van Ravensteign, Donald Burgy, Christopher Cook, Edward Ruscha, Robert Cumming, Agnes Denes, Adrian Piper, Hans Haacke, John Baldessari, Sol LeWitt, Konrad Fischer, Daniel Buren, Gilbert & George, Bernd & Hilla Becher, et al.
An artists' project based on notions of exchange between Huebler and fifty artists.
Text from cover: "50 signed original copies of this statement, (priced at $150 each), will constitute the only from of this piece for an indeterminate period of time. When the entire edition has been sold, presumably to 50 different 'owners', the net proceeds resulting from its sale will be used to structure and execute its final destiny."

Text from first interior page: "After a period of months had passed no collector had purchased PART I of this work so it was re-designed in the following way: fifty people, not necessarily artists, were asked to accept the statement that constituted
PART I in exchange for 'something of yours that you value as being worth $150.' As no 'net proceeds' resulted from the exchanges the 'final destiny' of the piece takes the form of the publication 'of all documents that accumulate as a result of its completion.'
An edition of 2,000 newspaper type publications has been printed in order to bring the information concerning this work to a more general and larger audience at a very low cost."
In very fine, close to mint condition. Euro 550,oo

"All the Things I know, but of which I am not at the moment thinking (June 15, 1969)." Sted.Mus. Amsterdam. 1974.
Printed cardstock cover, 4to. app. 40 pp. w. concept-text-pieces. An Artist's Book. Fine condition. Euro 120,oo

ROBERT BARRY. Kunstmuseum Luzern. 1974
Printed ("Robert Barry") white covers, 30 x 21 cm, unpaginated, approx. 30 pp. 6 b+w photographs,
Artist's texts in English,Interview (Engl.). "Some places to which we can come... " lists 6 galleries, while the 7th is left free.
Text by L. Lippard "R. Barry at Y. Lambert" (Engl.)Preface by Jean-Christophe Amman in German.
Extensive list of exhibitions and publications. Covers w. s. wear. Backcover w. very sl. warping. A fine copy. Euro 150,oo

"BELMONT 1967 - ROBERT BARRY 1977". VanAbbe Museum Eindhoven + Folkwang Museum Essen 1977 Artist's Book. Limited Edition 750 copies.
Black card covers, w. the title in negative (white), 21 x 27 cm (oblong), spiral bound. Unpaginated.
Approx 80 pp. printed recto only, of which 40 bear a word ("interlude", "private", "fade", "gift"...) and the others a circular color photograph taken in Belmont (Maryland) in 1967. There a group of artists had gathered, incl. Barry.
The photographs show the landscape, the gathering people, the house, the swimmingpool, a bed, etc.
The last illustration in the book is the only portraitphotograph in this publication, between the words „distance" and „gift", it is Ad Reinhardt whom Barry met shortly before Reinhardt's death. Barry leaves it up to the reader / viewer to draw connections between the words and the photographs, in "two inadequate systems" (Martha Rosler). Enclosed is a booklet w. texts by Z. Felix, J. Debbaut and R.H.Fuchs.
Fine condition. Euro 150,oo

ROBERT BARRY, An artist's book. - ed. Franz, Erich & Robert C. Morgan.Bielefeld, Karl Kerber Verlag, 1986.
Boards with illustrated dustjacket, 24,8 x 17,6 cm., 175 pp. text in English and German with (colour.) illustrations.
Clean and crisp copy. Euro 85,oo

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