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“The time for the dead”
A solo show by Stephan Goldrajch

23 May till 30 July 2009
Opening: 22 May 2009, 7pm
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 11am – 7pm and by appointment

Vladimiro Izzo Gallery is pleased to announce the gallery's second exhibition with the young israeli artist Stephan Goldrajch.
Since the beginning of his work Stephan has spanned many media- photography, drawing, sculpture, painting, installations - in order to capture the poetic vision in his work which is inspired by popular legends and barbarian tales involving the traditional art with the plastic one.

This exhibition, his first solo show in Berlin consists of one installation, five photographies, two drawings and ten masks. For the masks he uses traditional techniques like crochet, embroidery, ceramics and engraving.

Stephan's way of telling stories is fresh and conscious of bringing the viewer closer to a narrative world, the “Community of Bryone”. This community was founded by Goldrajch after a conversation with an old man on a bus to Jerusalem. The old man related him the legend of Bryone which dates back to the 5th century:

“Bryone, the beautiful and rich daughter of the king, was the most beloved princess of all times.
She led a peaceful life within the castle walls.
However, there was only one thing that perturbed her.
She had been forbidden to ever enter the great forest.
As the years passed, the prohibition became more and more unbearable.
One night, Bryone escaped from the castle in order to solve the mystery.
She walked for many nights and days.
One morning, she reached the extraordinary “Magnificent World”.
When she returned to the castle, Bryone could not hide her amazement from the King.
Infuriated by her disobedience, he had every living being in the great forest beheaded, slit his daughter’s throat, and died so as to guard the secret.

As a result, the Queen went mad, and commanded the royal court to recreate the “Magnificent World” every year, on the night of Saint Baradatus, although she knew nothing about it”.

Stephan's interest in this series basically grew out of the relationship between truth and forgery showing a deep fascination for the magic and the possibility to be someone else through a newly aquired identity. That's why objects like masks are very interesting to him, because they become magical when used in rituals.

Stephan Goldrajch was born in Tel Aviv in 1985 but he now lives in Brussels where he is studying at the Brussels Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts. He won 1st price for sculpture at a competition organized by the "Global Event” (Heysel, Brussels) in 2006 and 1st price in design “Logo for the Académie des Beaux-Arts, Brussels” in 2003. He also had exhibitions at the David Castillo Gallery in Miami (Usa), at the Bezalel MFA gallery, Tel Aviv (Israel), in Haïfa Museum of Contempory art (Israel), Dollinger projects gallery, Tel Aviv (Israel) etc...
For further information, please contact the gallery.


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