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3. Oktober 2008 / Eingestellt von thw um 12:59 /

fragt einer der Figuren aus Loriots Hand in einem kleinen Film.

Und für welche Kunst-Zeitschrift wirbt dieses Inhaltsverzeichnis?

_Massimiliano Gioni traces a portrait of Klara Liden and her seemingly post-atomic world.
_Jennifer Allen sheds light on the multiple capacities of images: to trigger affinities, to alienate, or just to leave us indifferent.
_Caroline Corbetta, in a conversation with Ragnar Kjartansson, investigates the artist's cultural influences and the decadent nightlife of Reykjavik.
_Michele Robecchi gives an overview of the steps that have led Cristoph Büchel to become one of the highly-regarded and feared artists on the contemporary scene.
_Cecilia Alemani explains why Ryan Trecartin is the poet of Generation Y.
_Anna Daneri shows how Roland Flexner's work constructs layers, condensations and galaxies where the viewer's gaze and imagination can wander.
_Raimar Stange interviews Natascha Sadr Haghighian about her fictitious artist, Robbie Williams, unveiling the mechanisms behind the glamour of a solo show.
_Chiara Leoni investigates João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva's fascinating philosophical chimera.
_Max Hernández-Calvo follows Armando Andrade Tudela through Peru, reflecting on the slippery nature of Modernism's shared terrain.
_Alessandro Rabottini roams among the thoughtful apes and approaches the LSD-laced fountains of Klaus Weber's installations.
_Paola Nicolin rummages through the fragments and ruins of Pablo Bronstein's universe.
NEW YORK: Cecilia Alemani goes back to the Land... Art. A 9000-km long road trip through remote deserts and valleys, on the trail of Robert Smithson, Donald Judd, Walter De Maria, Michael Heizer, Nancy Holt, James Turrell, and others.
LOS ANGELES: Andrew Berardini zeroes in on the relationship between images, incantations, agony, and the figure in the work of Matthew Monahan.
LONDON: Alli Beddoes, Ryan Gander's studio manager, accompanies us on a visit to the English artist's current works-in-progress.
BERLIN: Christiane Rekade explains why Mandla Reuter's simple acts create shifts in the exhibition context that open up the possibility of unexpected situations.
PARIS: Francesca di Nardo introduces us to the mystique of Aleister Crowley, father of the modern occult, founder of a mysterious abbey in Sicily, and tutelary numen of the Palais de Tokyo.

_Andrea Viliani presents his new column, CURATOR'S CORNER
_Milovan Farronato interviews Sterling Ruby
_Gigiotto Del Vecchio writes about Kitty Kraus
_Francesca Pagliuca interviews Simon Dybbroe Møller
_Miroslava Hajek and Marco Tagliaferro talk with Franco Vaccari
_Elena Bordignon visits Ettore Favini's house
_Luigi Fassi interviews Davide Cascio
_Roberta Tenconi introduces Alberto Tadiello
_Vincenzo de Bellis interviews Ahmet Ögüt
_Markús Thór Andrésson writes about Reykjavik
ARTIST'S PROJECT: David Maljkovic, introduced by Ana Janevski
And much more…

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