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Bei freier Kost und Logis übernehme ich die kuratorische Betreuung (zzg. Honorar). Bewerbungen und Honorarvorschläge bitte an folgende Email-Adresse

Und hier die Unterlagen:

Sharjah Biennial Production Programme

The launch of the Sharjah Biennial Production Programme is a timely 5 year experiment that will explore the shifting spectrum of creative practice and try to identify marginal processes of thoughts, relations and acts arising from art and its vicinities.

This programme is a natural extension to our work in progress, which has so far orchestrated unprecedented turfs for the propagation of art in the region and beyond, and is determined to remain the artists' vehicle for the realisation of their projects.

Our aim is not to pose as the locus of your dreams but to adapt rather, to your dream of a locus.

Empowered by this vision we, at the Sharjah Biennial, are reaching out to all artists and non-artists to send us their ideas and proposals, and venture with us on joint production projects slated for the coming 9th edition of the Sharjah Biennial in March 2009.

Application Guidelines


Artists and “non-artists” are eligible.

All applicants will be considered on merit. Selections are limited.


Application Deadlines: 10 March; 10 June; 10 September and 10 December.

Admittance announcement: 2 months later (e-mail notification).

The application is provided in a 5 page Word Template Form to be completed electronically: please read carefully and provide clear and precise information.

If a section is not applicable to you, please fill with N/A.

Questions regarding the application should be directed to

Ancillary Information

Ancillary information should have captions including author, title, date, type, size and a brief description where applicable.

Text: PDF (applies to supporting documents).

Visuals: 300 dpi – Jpeg or TIFF.

Audiovisuals: DVD-video – 720×576 PAL or 720x480 NTSC.

Audio: WAV (.wav) or AIFF (.aiff).


Application form and all supporting documents should be saved on CD(s)/DVD(s) and airmailed to the following address: Sharjah Biennial – P.O. Box 19989, Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Please note that submissions will not be returned.

E-mailed, faxed, late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that artists and non-artists will be here referred to as participants.


· Upon admittance, the participant will receive a personalised contract to be signed and sent back to the SB by airmail.

· Payments are made according to a payment schedule established for each project.

· The participant must produce the work presented in the application approved by the SB.


· The participant must submit a progress report (text, photo, video and/or sound) to the SB, mid-way through the production process. If progress is deemed insufficient, the SB may take measures to safeguard its cause and even terminate the contract.

· The participant must provide the SB with visual material and a written statement about the work upon completion.

· Any change in the production of the work, in regard to the initial proposal, must be submitted in writing and approved by the SB.

· The participant must request extensions to their project completion date in writing. The SB may refute or deny the request without giving justifications.

Production Grants

· Grants must be used for the purposes described in the application as approved by the SB. If a grant is used for any other purpose, such as a major change in the outcome or in the location of the original project, the SB may require the participant to return all of the grant funds unless the change is submitted in writing and approved by the SB.

· The SB may at any time examine the participant’s financial and other records to ensure that the grant is being, or was, used for its intended purpose.

· Unused portions of a grant must return to the SB.

· Grants must be returned if reporting requirements are not met.

· The participant agrees that all production costs spent by the SB on the artwork should be fully reimbursed to the SB if/when the work is sold.


· The participant owns their work product.

· The SB is entitled to a copy of the work, if the work is in text, photo, video or sound form, for archival purposes only.

· The SB is entitled to show the original work and use any derivative works (text, photos, video and sound) provided by the participant and/or taken by the SB, without any limitations in time and place for non-commercial purposes, especially for the SB database and website, which can be retrievable via the Internet.


· Any work produced/co-produced by the SB; any future reproduction/exhibition of the work produced/co-produced by the SB; any visual material of the work published/disseminated by the media or the participant should have the credit line: “ORIGINALLY PRODUCED/CO-PRODUCED BY THE SHARJAH BIENNIAL”

These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Sharjah. Any disputes shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Sharjah, UAE.

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