Die Aufteilung des Sinnlichen

6. Mai 2007 / Eingestellt von thw um 08:00 /

Für jeden, der an aktuellen Diskursen interessiert ist, ist die Lektüre des Buches 'Die Aufteilung des Sinnlichen - Die Politik der Kunst und ihre Paradoxien' von Jacques Rancière unerlässlich. Der zuweilen doch schwierige Text entlohnt einen mit ungewohnten Sichten und Einsichten. Das schmale Buch ist im Original im Jahre 2000 erschienen und in deutscher Übersetzung in der Reihe POLYpeN bei b-books im Jahre 2006.
Warren Neidich bezieht sich auf diese Buch in seiner gelungenen Ausstellung, dessen schöne Einladungskarte wir hier oben abbilden. Grapheme sind ein lohnendes Thema. Die Relationen zwischen den Künstleren und Künstlerinnen sind mehr einer momentanen Eingebung zu verdanken als langwieriger Reflektion. Diese ist dem Beiprogramm vielleicht vorbehalten. Anbei das Programm (inklusive abgelaufenen Veranstaltungen):

Re-Distribution of the Sensible: Talks and Performance Schedule

Magnus Muller Gallery would like to invite you to a number of ancillary events that will accompany the Re-distribution of the Sensible Exhibition currently on view. All events take place at the gallery located at 10-12 Weydinger Strasse, Berlin D-10178

Wednesday evening Gallery Talks: All talks begin at 7pm

Wednesday, April 25- Armen Avanessian
Armen Avanessian studied philosophy, politics and literature in
Vienna, Paris and Bielefeld. He is currently member of the
Collaborative Research Center 'Aesthetic Experience and the
Dissolution of Artistic Boundaries' at the Free University, Berlin.
His postdoctoral research project concerns temporal and spatial
aspects of literature and visual arts, as well as their scientific
background in 19th and early 20th century science and philosophy.

Wednesday, May 2- Jason Danziger
Jason Danziger is a Berlin-based American architect. His major interests include urban
design, sustainable architecture, cartography, mass customization,
and "ordinary" or public memory. His work spans between teaching
urban and architectural design, (most recently at the Bauhaus-Dessau,
the TU-Berlin, and the Ecole d'Architecture de Versailles), to
developing new forms of mass-customized furniture, housing, and
architectural design. Currently, Jason is a Doctoral Research Fellow
at the DKS group at the TU/Delft as well as ADIP Senior Research
Fellow at the TU/Berlin. He received his Master of Architecture in
February 1997 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
and his BA in Art and Anthropology from the University of
Massachusetts/Amherst in 1992.

Wednesday May 23- Andreas Weber
Andreas Weber is a writer and journalist. He graduated in Biology
and holds a PhD in Cultural Studies. In his new book
"Alles fühlt. Mensch, Natur und die Revolution der Lebenswissenschaften",
which has just been published by Berlin-Verlag, Weber explores an
alternative approach to the human-nature-relationship, viewing
subjectivity as an organic force and living form as symbolic
and expressive. Andreas Weber lives in Berlin

Performance Program Thursday evening May 24 Thursday from 18-24 hours.

List of performances and performers:

Elena Bajo, "I'm Looking for a Title, Ensemble"
A dance which samples the traces of future "architectures of disorder'. In the tradition of Joseph Beuys, Elena Bajo video-tapes herself during the installation of her current project at the Klara Wallner Gallery, Berlin. The video is a trace of a perfomative sculpture in action.
Elena Bajo is an artist born in Madrid, Spain. She lives and works in Berlin and New York. She received MA in Architecture from ESARQ,, Barcelona and a MA in Fine Arts in 2005 from Central Saint Martins School of Art, London. She has studied with Gabriel Orozco and was granted the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Fellowship. Recent exhibitions include Royal Botanical Garden, Madrid and Saatchi Gallery, London.

Melissa Longenecker, "Linux, Free Love and My A-Proprietary Heaven". Linux Free Love and My A-Proprietary Heaven is a performative lecture in which the artist argues with herself on the one hand proposing a Utopian Vision of a world where there is no private ownership, while simultaneously discussing the problems that result from such a world view.
Melissa Longenecker is an video, film and performance artist living in Berlin. She graduated with a MFA from UCLA. Recent shows include the Museum of the University of California, Riverside and EV+Limerick Bienniale.

Warren Neidich, "Interview(s)"- Four interviews between artists, artists and critics, and artists and art historians which took place during the 20 th century and deal with such issues concerning sensation, perception, consciousness will be reenacted in the gallery by professional actors. The following interviews will be performed, Marcel Duchamp and Pierre Cabanne, Andre Breton and Andre Parinaud, Bridget Riley and E.H. Gombrich, Dan Graham and Eric De bruyn.
Warren Neidich is an artist living and working in London and Berlin. Participation in recent exhibitions include Saloon, The Moscow Biennial, Protections, Kunsthaus Graz, and The Expanded Eye, Kunsthaus Zurich.

Yudi Noor, "Ghost Rewind" Yudi Noor will perform a ritual inside people
breathing to reach a frequency of a trance. Time is turning in a circle and the "transitoriness" is what is being embraced. A mask, used as a prop, is the instrument for an invitation of
ghosts, residing in the space, to make themselves known. .
Yudi Nooris a performance artist and sculpture who was born in Bandung, Java-Indonesia and now lives and works in Berlin. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Bandung from 1991-1994.

Praxis, "Dreams and Possibilities". Praxis presents a video work that was commissioned by The Whitney Museum for their recent solo show, in which viewers were invited to step into the "film" and performed their real life, sometimes intimate, experiences which in this new context form radical gestures in which the spectacle becomes de-spectacularized.
Praxis (Delia Bajo and Brainard Carey) is an internationally reknown art collaborative. Their work has been included in PS1 Greater New York, The Whitney Biennial, PS122, The Kitchen, The Reina Sofia Museum and numerous other venues.

Anna Prvacki, "Tent, quartet, bows and elbows" is a performance piece that allows
us to see music. The immaterial and ethereal quality of sound is
embodied. The visceral experience of music is captured and displayed.
Ana Prvacki is an artist who lives and works between Singapore and New York City. Recent exhibitions include the Sinagapore Biennale, 2006 and the Torino Triennial Tremusei.

Erik Smith, 'Perfect is My Death Word' 'Perfect is My Death Word' is a recreation of the James Lee Byars sound work of the same name. The original work was produced by Byars at the Neues Museum Weserberg. Bremen in 1995 and exists as an edition on cd of 20 minutes of silence after which he simply says the sentence 'perfect is my death word'. For his project he asked a few black metal bands to recreate this live by inserting the sentence into one of their original songs. For this performance a special guest band will create the work in the gallery.
Erik Smith is an artist who lives and works and Berlin. Recent exhibitions include In Practice Projects, Sculpture Center, LIC, New York, De Appel Center for Contemporary Art, and the Kapinos Gallery, Berlin.

?, "Hush Money",
"Hush Money" is a series of daring escapes: a complex web of kid-built dirt-tunnels, orphanage arson, snakes hidden in the grass of defensible space. And so, hand-to-mouth, we thrive on a darkling plain dotted with dying bastions of lightness and revel in the sentimentality of terror, the quiet time beside a morning, the authenticity of the pillage, the design of new hexes. We will disseminate sounds, of glaciers and dust.
? was founded as a hermetic tradition; across two continents they spin weathervanes of wet-woods ballads. Recent installations/performances include a three month tour of the U.S., and "Salad Days II" at Artists Space, New York.

For additional information please contact the gallery at 0049 30 390 320 40.

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